Hogwarts Legacy: All places for Demiguise statues and moons


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Hogwarts Legacy: All places for Demiguise statues and moons


Tech News / Gaming 28 Views

HOGWARTS Legacy is filled with collectibles, and a number of the most elusive ones are the Demiguise moons.

These are the blue orbs that Demiguise statues hold, and may only be eliminated at night time.

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How the moons look when you possibly can take away them.[/caption]

There are 30 of them scattered everywhere in the map, and they'll show you how to degree up the Alohomora spell.

Listed here are all of the places of Demiguise moons in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Demiguise moon places

Demiguise moons might be found in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade or within the villages that encompass the Highlands.

Some require a sure degree Alohomora spell with a view to discover them, so in the event you haven’t levelled up, skip it for now.

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Best tips for finding and collecting Demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy

Right here’s where you'll find every statue and the level required to unlock it.

Hogwarts places

  • South Wing: Required Degree 1
    • In the locked rest room, the cubicle within the middle with an out-of-order check in it leads to a hidden room with the statue in it.
  • Nice Hall: Required Degree 1
    • In your proper as you enter the corridor there is a locked door. The statue is inside on a table.
  • Potions Classroom: Required Degree 2
    • From the classroom, go down the winding staircase to the place there's a Daedalian Key cabinet, and unlock the door on the left. Proceed down the corridor the place you’ll find another locked door on your left. The statue is in here.
  • Divination Classroom: No Required Degree
    • On the instructor’s desk.
  • Library: No Required Degree
    • Go down into the restricted section of the library; the statue is on a desk to your left simply before you attain the entrance to the secret chamber.
  • Caretaker’s Hut: Required Degree 2 
    • Immediately throughout from the Beasts classroom, there is a lock on the caretaker’s hut. The statue is on a desk.
  • Battlements: Required Degree 1
    • East of the primary entrance to the grounds, alongside the outer wall, there's a door under the steps as much as the battlements with a lock. The statue is on a crate inside.
  • Dungeons: No Required Degree 
    • From the statue of the sleeping dragon, go down the corridor instantly behind you and go into the primary door on the left. Turn proper as quickly as you’re within the room and also you’ll see the statue on some drawers.
  • Protection Towards the Darkish Arts Tower: Required Degree 1
    • Getting into from the Transfiguration Courtyard, enter the locked room to the correct of the staircase. The statue might be on a desk instantly in entrance of you.
  • Professor Fig’s Office: No Required Degree 
    • Immediately behind his desk, left of the fireside.

Hogsmeade places

  • Tomes and Scrolls: No Required Degree&
    • Behind the shopkeeper’s counter there is a door to a bedroom; the statue is on the dresser.
  • House 1: Required Degree 2&
    • Go up the street from Tomes and Scrolls and take the first left. The second home on the left could have a lock on it; the statue is up the stairs on the dresser.
  • Hog’s Head: No Required Degree
    • Go into the room behind the bar and the statue shall be on some crates to your left.
  • Home 2: No Required Degree
    • In the house subsequent to J.Pippin’s Potions, up the steps on the dresser.
  • Three Broomsticks: Required Degree 1
    • On the very prime of the pub in the personal room; the statue is on the table within the center.
  • House three: No Required Degree
    • From the primary entrance of the Three Broomsticks, turn to the east and go straight down previous the pub. The first house on the left after the Three Broomsticks has the statue upstairs on a crate.
  • Gladrags Wizardwear: No Required Degree
    • The statue is on the counter of the wizard armourer in the right-hand aspect of the shop.
  • Home 4: No Required Degree
    • From Honeydukes comply with the street north up the stairs and instantly turn right, to take the path up the hill. On the prime of the hill, turn proper again and also you’ll be dealing with the house. The statue is on a table in the primary room.
  • House 5: No Required Degree
    • In the home instantly opposite from Brood & Peck, on the fireside mantle.

Highlands places

  • Decrease Hogsfield: Required Degree 1&
    • By the door in the home simply in entrance of the village entrance.&
  • Keenbridge: Required Degree 1
    • In the house to the west of the village, on a table in entrance of the door.
  • Brocburrow: No Required Degree&
    • Within the small house to the north of the village, left of the door.
  • Upper Hogsfield: No Required Degree
    • In a home northwest of the village, just up the street from the Floo Flame, on a bar stool across from the door.
  • Pitt-Upon-Ford: No Required Degree
    • In the home immediately up the street from the Floo Flame, up two flights of stairs on the left.
  • Irondale: No Required Degree&
    • Within the small house to your right as you allow the Floo Flame, behind the counter on the west aspect of the house.
  • Aranshire: No Required Degree
    • The home directly to your right as you’re wanting on the Floo Flame, up the stairs, on the ground in front of the bed.
  • Feldcroft: No Required Degree&
    • The home on the southeast of the village, on the windowsill to your left as you enter.
  • Marunweem: No Required Degree
    • The home within the centre of the village, northeast of the Floo Flame, behind the bar.
  • Bainburgh: No Required Degree&
    • In the house on the north aspect of the village, on a espresso table next to an armchair.
  • Cragcroft: No Required Degree&
    • House on the northwest of the village, just behind the vendor, up the stairs on the bedside table.

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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