Drivers are only simply realising there’s a ‘secret’ compartment of their dashboards after ‘kicking it accidentally’

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Drivers are only simply realising there’s a ‘secret’ compartment of their dashboards after ‘kicking it accidentally’

US Motor News

Motor News / US Motor News 362 Views

DRIVERS are only just realising their dashboards could also be concealing a secret compartment.

The TikTok consumer generally known as Kaitlyn Dodds took to the social media website to reveal all to her followers, saying it had only been discovered accidentally.

Kaitlyn stated the secret compartment was solely found when her boyfriend by accident kicked it

Her submit headed with “In case you have a Mini Cooper, search for this secret compartment” has been seen around 364,000 occasions, choosing up greater than four,000 likes and almost 200 comments.

Kaitlyn added the comment: “Nicely I never knew this till my boyfriend kicked it accidentally.”

The temporary clip seems to point out Kaitlyn behind the wheel of her automotive and then reaching over together with her left hand to a silvery panel to the left of the central air vent.

She merely presses down on the panel and it then pops open revealing a kind of mini glove compartment behind it.

While some commentators claimed they knew about it already, many others have been clearly learning about it for the primary time or had only found it accidentally.

One individual wrote: “I found this accidentally when wiping my dash down, was like ooo cd compartment.”

One other stated: “I had a mini for years and never knew this.”

A third posted: “I found mine by falling and pressing it hahaha.”

Nevertheless, it appears the hidden compartment has been discontinued on newer models as one individual added: “They stopped it after 2014 unfortunately.”

One other commentator chipped in with: “I have a Cooper a 2018 and it’s not on mine. I used to be dissatisfied.”

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Kaitlyn revealed that by pressing the silver panel it pops open to reveal the hidden compartment