Cat is perfectly camouflaged in a wood pile – but can you spot the feline taking a nap?

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THERE is more than meets the eye on this image of a pile of logs.

You may need the eyes of a hawk in the event you can spot the sneaky cat hiding in this tough brain teaser.

Can you spot the cat mixing completely into the logs?

A sleepy feline is perfectly disguised amongst the wood and viewers have been left scratching their heads trying to find it.

The picture, posted on Reddit, was captioned: “Involuntary and excellent camouflage of the cat because of its colour.”

One Reddit consumer stated: “Before I saw the actual cat, I was convinced I had discovered the creepy cat wanting by means of the stacks in a shadowy spot.

“Slightly below and left of the actual cat.”

Another stated: “I knew precisely the place to look this time. Excessive and aligned with the wood.

Another agreed: “For some purpose I couldn’t discover the cat within the Reddit submit but as soon as your link loaded my eyes immediately fell on the cat before even wanting on the image where it is circled.”

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Spotted! Did you discover the sleepy feline?